Kingdom Arts 2018
August 12th - 19th


What is the Kingdom Arts Festival?

Kingdom Arts (KA) festival is an annual creative arts celebration hosted in Barbados by Islandworship (IW). These exciting events feature creative artistic expression; worship and prayer; and practical teaching about God and the arts and how this dynamic combo can positively influence a nation.

Kingdom Arts conference was spearheaded from 2007 by Marcia Weekes of Praise Academy of Dance Barbados and has been led by Islandworship since 2011. With a strong Caribbean pulse, KA over the years has attracted participants from Guyana, Antigua, Trinidad and Jamaica, strengthening regional bonds and contributing to the development of the artists. Offering a wide range of workshops in multiple genres of the arts KA has become a go to conference/festival primarily for Christian youth to enhance and showcase their skills.

At the heart of KA is its spiritual element, empowering participants to walk away being able to excel in their craft and inspired to positively impact their worlds.

Not only for the artists but for all arts lovers who desire to see culture transformed through inspired artistic expression. KA is a wholesome festival for everyone!


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