Marvo White-Jessamy


Fashion Designer/Creative Designer

House of Judah Couture

Fashion Designer Marvo White-Jessamy was born in the island of Barbados, from a St. Lucian mother. She exudes the Caribbean, which is seen in her designs, the colour, the flair and the style that is well known throughout the islands. It’s no wonder that today she creates gems in the form of her clothing designs.

At the age of 16, the allure of fashion beckoned in the form of modelling, where she was first runner up in the Miss Valentine Queen Show. While the runway was nice it was not enough, so off she went into the world.

Marvo followed a path that was quite her own, but the pull of creation was so strong that she returned to designing. She began making clothing for her friends and family, with the gift that was passed on from her grandmother to her mother and then to her, the talent to create, and with that she was known as the queen of the backless dress.

Then something marvellous happened and Marvo being a creation designed by the Most High God, met him and soon realised she was not nearly what, or who she was designed to be and she wanted more. Marvo had to learn more.

As a past student of the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic where she studied her technique to show herself proves she now gives us that creativity that she has been blessed with in her designs.

Marvo designs for the mature woman, males, kids, teens, for all occasions, lituragul dance wear, African wear for the entire family and bridal wear. Her label “OLYVIA MICHELLA” for the young adult female, which graced the stage of Kingdom Arts Festival in 2014 and jet setted her off to fashion week 2015 in NYC. This led the way in what is now an exciting career in fashion both locally and internationally, where she designs for a major fashion house. Her designs are now local, international and regional.

Marvo humbly says “it’s all because this lil bajan girl let go and let God lead the way, I am thankful for all that he has done for me and through me”.