Shaun Hays


Chicago Chalk Champ 

Shaun Hays, a third generation minister, began his ministry life early as a PK (pastors kid) in the Midwest area of North America but due to abuses suffered at the hands of some disturbed people, became angry and fearful. Shaun turned his back on the church looking to occultism and demons for power and control over his life and vowed revenge on those who had hurt him… BUT GOD had other plans! Shaun was radically transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit of God and commissioned to reach the hurting and lost souls that others cannot reach. Today, a licensed and ordained minister, he reaches subculture groups around the world and serves as an advisory leader to many churches and ministry groups in an apostolic role, but prefers to be on the missions field evangelizing whenever possible.

Shaun’s gifts are varied but he is widely regarded for his chalk artistry and known world wide as the Chicago Chalk Champ. He has been providing for his family through chalk art for 18 years. In Chicago and around the world he creates amazing 3D street chalk artwork that you may have seen online from time to time. He often performs on stages rendering detailed scenes in brilliant colors in only 10 minutes onto a vertical fabric canvas.

Shaun has ministered and performed all over America and as far away as Cairo, Egypt. Through Shaun, God has raised up artists in France, England, Philippines, Egypt and in many many states in the U.S. to minister through chalk art and inspired other visual artists as well. His understudy has traveled to the Philippines to minister and won multiple US Chalk art Championships after Shaun laid his hands on her in prayer and commissioned her to do as he does. Shaun says: “A new Renaissance is upon us in the spirit and it is now time to find those who will humble themselves and let God shake them free from the things that inhibit them and to shake the planet through their talents.”

His largest live crowd has been just over 50,000 people at once and has been watched on TV by more than 17.5 million. While in Barbados, Shaun will be asking God to commission you and send you into the world of the arts in a powerful way that will change many, many lives worldwide!