You know that feeling you get when someone looks you dead in the face and says “I understand exactly how you feel.” A rush of relief hits you first followed by waves of joy. Maybe a little disbelief somewhere in there if we’re honest. But then a sense of peace rises from your toes and settles around your heart. That’s what it feels like to be a part of a community of like-minded souls – in my case, creatives – people who understand your passion, can relate to your frustrations and can champion your successes because they feel the same.

A creative community is a dynamic force, as powerful as hurricane force winds and with as much depth as the ocean. Don’t believe me? Check the God we were fashioned after. Get a whiff of His creative fragrance and come back and tell me different.

I always smile when someone tries to explain away their lack of creativity and disconnect themselves from anything that is creative. Take Michelle for example. She thinks she’s so left brained, methodical and analytical. She can make numbers do backflips in a split second without a calculator but doesn’t think anything of that. Meanwhile with a calculator’s help I still get math problems wrong. Or Mark, who’s unlocked the correct algorithm to create the next generation of music streaming technology.

Indulge me as I challenge the notion of what it means to be creative for just a second. This may come as a shock to some of our left-brained brothers and sisters but it’s okay. I believe in your ability to go there with me for just a moment. We’ve been raised to believe that being creative always only equates to being artistic. That if you can’t so much as pick up a paintbrush and tell the difference between watercolour and acrylic then you must belong on the other side of the field.

The mantle of creativity has often felt reserved for a select few. An exclusive club of talented free-spirited bohemians. Or something of the sort. Yet when I think about how things were in the beginning, how God made man and gave him the mandate to create and produce, I wonder about how much we have limited not only His creative ability and authority but also our own.

The capacity to be creative is inside each and every one of us. As human beings made in the image of a creative God, we’ve all been called to release creativity in whatever sphere of influence we are drawn to. We are all called to bring something into existence. That is the very definition of creating – to bring about change, to cause something to happen as a result of your actions, to produce an idea. We all carry the solution to a problem somewhere in the world.

Creativity is so much bigger than painting, baking, singing or designing. It is all those things and more. It’s for all of us, not just a chosen talented few. The Arts are a fantastic medium that God wants to use and intends to use to bring about change. Embedded in any discipline is a skillset that any of us can learn and acquire with time, discipline and commitment and the Arts are no different.

I’m sure by now you’ve caught a glimpse of Kevin’s “Hindsight is 2020” Series (if you haven’t go check out our socials!) and the three C’s we are focusing heavily on this year: Being Connected, Creative and Consistent. All three spheres can apply to anyone. To truly understand our creative calling we have to first connect to the Source, get busy creating or producing, and be consistent in the development and use of our gifts. Ask Him the tough questions, “How can I create change in the sphere of influence that I am in? What solution do I carry? And most importantly, what are the skills and talents You have given me to make that change happen?

Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as being creative, and that’s fine. Neither did I until someone told me I was. Sometimes we don’t even know the extent of what we’re capable of until it’s shown to us. We’re not just creatives, we are change agents. And even if you can’t find middle C on a keyboard, that creative spark which is the DNA of a Creative God lives in you too.

So for all of you change agents, whether you identify strongly with being called an artist or creative or you’re just getting used to the idea after reading this, we invite you to join with our creative community and all the exciting content we have planned for you this year. Each month we will be sharing the experiences and insights of other Kingdom Artists and their journeys. Keep an eye out for a monthly blog letter on our website from us to you. Think of it as a virtual “I understand how you feel” letter of encouragement.

Stay tuned to our social media channels as exciting things are already happening there with more to come! We invite you, all of you, to come along for the journey and pull up a seat at our table just the same. There’s more than enough room.



About the Writer: Danielle Thorpe is a 28 year old creative hailing from sunny Barbados. She enjoys photography, painting, podcasting, marketing and working with creative teams. Danielle has exhibited her paintings at several Kingdom Arts Visual Arts Exhibitions and now serves as Creative Content Lead on the Kingdom Arts Committee for the second year in a row.

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