Kingdom Fashion and Visual Arts Gala

Thursday, August 15th at 7PM
Location: Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre
Adults: BDS $35/$45 door or USD $17.50/$22.50 door
Children: $17/$22 door or USD $8.50/$11.50 door

A spectacular night of fashion and art set in a premium venue.

Come see the works of designers (locally and regionally) who are rocking the design world with cutting edge designs including jewelry and bags with tasteful styles for all sizes! Also featuring an exhibit of all things fashion with an array of chic pieces for sale.

The Visual Arts Exhibit is a stunning visual showcase from artists, reflective of their unique interpretation of the theme. The exhibit runs this year until August 17th and artwork will be on sale.

A definite ‘save the date’ for all fashionistas and art lovers!

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