I’ve always loved to write. 

From a little girl, my compositions showed my creativity and my colourful expression. 

My English teachers often complimented me on how well I wrote. 

One of my teachers asked me if I would consider writing as a career. I laughed it off, because at that time my low self-esteem told me I wouldn’t be a good enough writer. She ignored my nervous laughter and told me she was quite serious about my pursuing this career. I was fifteen when she told me this. 

Let’s fast forward to fourteen years later when I first started my company. 

March 1, 2012 I sat in a room by myself and it occurred to me that I would be the one having to push the word about the company, something I was not confident enough to do at the time and by the way, I don’t work for myself. Let me make that abundantly clear. God let me know from day one that I am working for Him and this was His vision for my life. 

I worked closely with a marketing consultant in the beginning stages of the company. She made it clear I had to position myself as someone who knew how to communicate about personal finance. The recommendation was made to write a blog. Now, it had been a very long while since I had written anything. I had left my gift in the dark. I didn’t think it served a purpose. Writers are not well revered was my thinking – that’s what I had to say about the unique gift God gave me. 

I had to literally take up my gift shut up in a box, dust it off, unwrap it and put it to use again. I found that I still had it. I thought I lost it big time but the more I wrote, the more confident I became in expressing myself through the blog. Doing this also helped to develop my ability to speak and communicate. 

I remember when the team and I decided to start a webinar series. By then I had become very reliant on God and understood He was using me as His mouthpiece to demonstrate His love by dropping nuggets of wisdom to help many along their financial journeys. So I asked Him specifically, “What do You want me to say?” In an instant I believe He began telling me what to say and I wrote it all down. In whatever I do. whether I am asked to speak or asked to write an article (such as this), I still ask, “What do You want me to say?”

So how do you fan that beautiful gift of writing God has given you? Here are some practical steps:

  1. Develop and maintain an intimate relationship with God: I see God as my Father. He’s very confident in His daughter’s (my) ability to write. I remain in agreement with what He says about me – I am an excellent writer. I do my best to walk with God throughout my day. I talk to Him. I ask Him for solutions even if I don’t receive them right away. I aim to daily read a chapter from the Bible. I listen to worship music as much as I can. I acknowledge His presence.
  2. Do not limit God: I often made excuses for the entrepreneurial spirit I always had from a little girl. I thought God only worked with people in “full time ministry” but what I do is full time ministry. God wired me to love and speak on numbers and behavior and I recognized this was something quite different and which I didn’t really see anywhere else. He wanted me to establish this creative niche so that He could get the glory. God creates solutions. He created you and me to be His solution in varying industries and sectors. 
  3. Fan your gift: It’s our responsibility to sharpen what He has given us. If I had decided to not be a writer, my gift would have lain dormant, not giving Him the room to speak to me and direct me in shaping the lives of many.

So if you’re an aspiring writer, don’t wait for someone to lay hands on you to confirm this. 

God already approves of you. 

What He thinks and says about you matters. 

So go take your journal out. 

Write your thoughts. 

What you’re writing may be the solution someone is looking for. 

About the Writer:
Melinda Belle – author, teacher and financial consultant who even at an early age had a particular interest in money. 
Melinda sees her role as that of an architect and is committed to the shaping of financial landscapes of men, women, boys, girls, businesses and nations; teaching families and individuals to manage their money and to create wealth.  Out of her personal experiences, mistakes, knowledge and successes, she desires to see others make sound financial decisions.
Melinda is the Founder and Managing Director of Astrape Finance Inc. in Barbados, with a mission to be the leading financial education company providing resources on personal and business financial management in the Caribbean.

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