Letters to a Kingdom Artist

You Were Made For This

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There’s always a moment…before the curtains part, when the lights have been dimmed and a hush of anticipation falls over the crowd. In that moment, expectation weighs heavily in the room; the audience awaits a display of talent worthy of their time and investment. On the other side of that curtain though, stands a performer, heart racing, chest pounding, nervousness causing tiny quivers of fear starting in their toes and ending only at their fingertips. In that moment, all that’s left to do is, take a deep and cleansing breath, breathe in the confidence that comes from talent, preparation and hard work and exhale every doubt about how their performance will go. Their last thought before the curtain opens and before the music starts is, “I. Was. Made. For. This.”



Dear Kingdom Artist,


Creating art is intrinsic for us as artists. Of course every talent or gift can be refined and improved but at the core of every creative is a natural passion and gift that do not need to be taught. Self-expression is sometimes a form of therapy but for the Kingdom artist, there is always a higher purpose which is first and foremost, worship. We glorify God by doing what He has created us to do. Walking in purpose is the highest form of worship. Whether your gift is singing, dancing, writing, photography, culinary talent, whatever it may be, standing in your uniqueness and originality and serving others with what you create pleases the Lord. He has distributed a kaleidoscopic array of gifts among His children and desires for us to experience them in all of their fullness.


It is perfectly natural to hold your work close to your heart; to treasure and protect it as you would a child. It is after all your creation. Your expression can feel so personal sometimes that it can be intimidating to unveil a painting or a design, to divulge to the world, words and emotions that originated from deep within you. It is the peak of vulnerability for any artist to expose their creation to the world.Personally, self-rejection caused me as a writer to hoard my stories and poems for a long time, afraid that they weren’t good enough to share or that others wouldn’t appreciate them.


Famous French artist, Henri Matisse once said that, “Art takes Courage” and I couldn’t agree more. In my own journey to emancipation and total freedom in my artistic expression, my first step was embracing the fact that my ability to create anything at all, came from God Himself. The Lord gave me a wild imagination and a gift for knitting words together, just like He gave you a special gift and ability. He gives good gifts so if He gave you a talent then it is good. This letter is simply an invitation for you to make room for the good in your life and to stand unapologetically on whatever platform you may have, knowing that there is space for you. There is a unique stage and an audience who is waiting for you to fill completely, the you-sized void in whatever sphere your creativity is needed.


There is a special group of people who will identify with what you produce. Your creations will feel to them like a warm and familiar sweater on a winter’s day or like settling into their favourite loveseat after a long day, where it feels like the cushion has memorized their weight and shape and holds them perfectly. They will see something of themselves in your designs; in your photography or in your culinary creations and their lives will be better for it. Do not get me wrong, it will probably be scary and nerve-wracking but accepting that your art is not for everyone will erase some of that fear. Some will connect with your creativity and it will take up permanent residence within them and that is priceless. Kingdom Artist, you are talented and worthy of giving it your all. There is a you-sized void in the world sowhen you unveil your gift, take up all of your space andstand fully in your moment of exhibition because when the lights go out and the curtain parts, there’s always an eager audience waiting and the Lord is there, front and centre, proud of His creation and also proud of yours.


You were made for this,


About the Writer:Riana Griffith is a 28 year old author, blogger and poet who lives on the beautiful island of Barbados. She released her first book, “God and The Girl Least Likely To” in February of this year and is currently working on her second. Riana enjoys beach days, photography, journaling and creating content for her social media page (@thecinderelladiary). .

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